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Holiday Magazine Bad Aibling 2015 (summer catalog 2015 vacation planning)

The holiday magazine "Sources for me" from Bad Aibling presents brand new, as a high quality magazine. Besides all the important information concerning our hosts it tells stories about the city and its history. Large sets of images to accompany the reader into a virtual journey through Bad Aibling.

Mountains and valley
Bad Aibling is located almost directly on the magnificent Alps near the Inn Valley. Kilometers distance hiking trails in all altitudes are ideal for long walks. If that is too strenuous, takes walks in the valley. It's the same with cycling. Either a chamois same mountain bike up to lofty heights or extravagant indulgence routes with the electric bike touring or enchanted spots of the Chiemgau discover.

Lakes and sea
The Bavarian Sea, Lake Chiemsee, can be reached in a less than half an hour's drive. Beach resorts and secluded beaches for swimming. The Royal Castle of Herrenchiemsee and Mrs. island are easily accessible with the family excursion steamer.

Spa- and rock concerts
Like any sensible health resort also has a spa Bad Aibling. With the difference that here not only the brass music to a spa and holiday guests blows the march, but also regularly go jazz and rock concerts across the stage. Living tradition meets Woodstock atmosphere!

Moor and thermal
Bad Aibling is Bavaria's oldest mud spa, while the youngest thermal bath. The many hospitals make the pretty little town into a veritable health city for those who are healthy again or just want to stay healthy. In addition to the "traditional" treatment is Bad Aibling has also made fit for the future, by specializing in the clinics strengthened to cope with stress and burnout prevention

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catalogs for freeKur- und Touristinformation AIB-KUR GmbH, Wilhelm-Leibl-Platz 3, 83043 Bad Aibling, Tel. 08061/90800,,





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